School Portal Template -Download For Free

    1. HTML5
    2. CSS FRAMEWORK : Bulma framework
    3. JQUERY
    1. Login
    2. Registration page
    3. Home Page
    4. Dashboard
    5. School Fees Arena
    6. Profile picture Uploads
    7. Hostel Accommodation registration
    8. Course Registration
    9. Final Year Clearance
    10. Notification / News Alert tab to pass important information
    11. Complaint form
    12. Departmental Transfer page
    13. Gallary page to show off the school images
    14. Responsiveness (wide screen , Tablets , Phones)

        sch-port-v1.0.1  - Please endeavour to comment so i would be able to meet your needs

NOTE: Updates will be made to the templates every week until the team is satisfied

DOWNLOAD HERE: school-portal- v1.0.1